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Sailors Coffee Company

Helm's a-lee Honduras

Helm's a-lee Honduras

Chart your course towards flavor with Sailors Coffee Company's Helm's a-lee Honduras. This medium-dark roast, sourced from the verdant hills of Honduras, offers a journey of taste like no other. With tasting notes that include bright acidity, a smooth body, and hints of grapefruit and milk chocolate, each sip is a delightful exploration of flavor.

As a single-origin coffee, Helm's a-lee Honduras captures the essence of its origins, delivering a rich and nuanced profile that reflects the unique terroir of Honduras. Named after the nautical command "Helm's a-lee," which to make a tack maneuver the helmsman brings the ship's helm to leeward, this coffee invites you to take a moment to enjoy the smooth finish of every cup while contemplating the adventures that lie ahead.

So, hoist your sails and set course for Helm's a-lee Honduras, where the journey is as satisfying as the destination.

Sailors Log:
Medium-Dark Roast. Bright Acidity, Smooth Body, Grapefruit, Milk Chocolate, Smooth Finish.

Certification: Fair Trade, Organic
Grade: SHG, EP
Region: Copan
Altitude: 1,400-1,600 M
Process: Fully Washed and Sun Dried.
Varietals: Caturra, Red and Yellow Catuai, Bourbon, and Lempira

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PB in AZ
My new favorite coffee

Smooth coffee enjoy it all day long. Had friends in town for a long weekend and we went thru the large bag in 3 days. Good for mornings with a rich aroma filling the house. Also pairs well with creamy snacks and desserts.

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