Decaffeination using Swiss Water® Process for Apparent Wind Peru Decaf

Decaffeination using Swiss Water® Process for Apparent Wind Peru Decaf

Ahoy, coffee lovers! At Sailors Coffee Company, we believe that everyone deserves to enjoy a great cup of coffee, even if they prefer to sail (steer) clear of caffeine. That's why we're proud to offer our "Apparent Wind Peru Decaf," made using the Swiss Water® Process—a chemical-free method that preserves the flavor and integrity of the coffee bean.

Unlike traditional decaffeination processes that rely on harsh chemicals, the Swiss Water® Process removes caffeine using only time, temperature, water, and coffee. This gentle method ensures that 99.9% of caffeine is removed from the bean, without leaving behind any chemical residue that could alter the taste or aroma of the coffee.

By utilizing the Swiss Water® Process, we're able to preserve the unique characteristics of our "Apparent Wind Peru Decaf" coffee, allowing its natural flavors to shine through. Whether you're savoring a smooth, medium-bodied cup with notes of rich dark chocolate, almond, and a heavy body with mellow acidity, you can trust that each sip is free from caffeine and full of flavor.

So, whether you're looking to enjoy a cup of coffee in the evening without worrying about staying up all night or simply prefer to limit your caffeine intake, Sailors Coffee Company's "Apparent Wind Peru Decaf" is the perfect choice. With its exceptional taste and chemical-free decaffeination process, it's a coffee you can feel good about enjoying any time of day. Fair winds and smooth sailing!

Apparent Wind Peru Decaf is available as whole bean, ground coffee, and in cup/capsules.

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