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Sailors Coffee Company

Windward Breakfast Blend

Windward Breakfast Blend

At Sailors Coffee Company, our Windward Breakfast Blend stands as the epitome of our house breakfast blend. This meticulously crafted coffee embodies the essence of a smooth morning wake-up call, derived from a harmonious blend of beans sourced from the rich coffee lands of South America.

Just as "windward" signifies the direction from which the wind is blowing, our blend sets the course for your day, propelling you forward with its invigorating flavors. Like sailing upwind, where sailors navigate against the wind's force, each sip of our Windward Breakfast Blend pushes against the morning doldrums, awakening your senses and guiding you toward a day filled with energy and purpose.

Embrace the refreshing gusts of flavor that accompany each cup, and let Sailors Coffee Company be your navigator on the journey to a vibrant and fulfilling day ahead.

Sailors Log:
House Breakfast Blend. A smooth blend of coffee from South America

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PB in AZ
Lighter coffee with a jolt to start the day

Pleasant breakfast coffee. Its lighter taste and I mixed one pot with the dark roast to give a richer flavor later in the day. The package arrived on Friday and it was gone by Monday!

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