Limited-Edition, Coffee of the Month for July 2024: Close Reach Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Limited-Edition, Coffee of the Month for July 2024: Close Reach Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

Savor the Taste of Tradition: “Close Reach Ethiopia Yirgacheffe” - Coffee of the Month July 2024

For July 2024, Sailors Coffee Company is thrilled to present our Limited Edition Coffee of the Month: “Close Reach Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.” This exquisite single-origin offering is more than just a morning brew; it’s a voyage of flavors that captures the essence of Ethiopia’s renowned Yirgacheffe region. 


"Close Reach" refers to a point of sail approximately 60° off the wind, representing a delicate balance and control, much like the intricate flavors in this coffee. Our medium-light roast highlights the exceptional characteristics of the Ethiopian heirloom varietal grown at altitudes of 1,200-2,250 meters. The beans undergo a fully washed process and are dried on raised beds, ensuring a purity and depth of flavor that stands out.


In your cup, you’ll experience tasting notes of medium acidity and body, with a floral aroma accented by hints of brown spice and mild raspberry. Each sip offers a unique glimpse into the complex and captivating profile of Yirgacheffe coffee, renowned for its vibrant and aromatic qualities.


This exceptional coffee is part of a multi-coop offering processed by Adulina PLC, a company founded by Mahabub Awel. Inspired by his early years at Mullege, under the guidance of his father Mustafa Awel, Mahabub's vision has revolutionized the Ethiopian coffee scene. Adulina PLC is known for its state-of-the-art facilities in Addis Ababa and specialized pulping stations, which ensure the delivery of top-tier arabica beans to the global market. 


However, their commitment extends beyond coffee quality. Adulina PLC is deeply invested in enhancing the coffee community through projects such as constructing vital infrastructure in Areka and initiating sustainable water programs in Kochere Yirgacheffe. These efforts reflect a profound dedication to social responsibility, improving local living conditions, and promoting environmentally friendly coffee production practices.


With "Close Reach Ethiopia Yirgacheffe" from Sailors Coffee Company, you’re not only enjoying an extraordinary coffee but also supporting a legacy of ethical and sustainable coffee farming. Embrace the journey of flavors this month and celebrate the rich heritage and innovative spirit of Ethiopian coffee. 

Available July 1st 2024 to July 31st 2024 as a limited edition, don’t miss your chance to experience this exceptional brew!

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